VTG00 Docuplate – VTG6 HGV Document Holder


The VTG00, same patent pending design offering weatherproof and tamper proof protection for you VTG6 documents.

VTG00 Docuplate VTG6 Document Holder

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 This product is made from polycarbonate which is fully transparent, extremely durable and has 30 times the impact strength of standard acrylic sheet and offers low scratch-resistance.

Ultra Violet Protection

UV stabilizers have been added to the polycarbonate to protect documents from light exposure. 


Securely fitted O-rings ensure Docuplate is resistant to the effects of weather and water for example when washing off trailers.  


Once the documents are fitted inside the Docuplate and the plate is secured to the chassis, access to the documents is thus denied.

Universal Fitting

The Docuplate has been specifically designed to fit into existing manufactured location holes and can be rotated in at least eight different ways, making it easy to fit into a desired position.